Crooklyn Clan Founded!


The Vault was invented!


Editors have worked with us!


DJ's across the globe have used The Vault!

Who is "Crooklyn Clan" and what is THE "CROOKLYN CLAN VAULT"?

The original "Crooklyn Clan" consists of Brooklyn NY native DJ's Riz & Sizzahandz. The two paired in 93' to start producing sample-based party records and have platinum and gold success with tracks licensed for various movies and tv spots, as well as a top rated super bowl commercial during the 2019 halftime show. Check out the Soundcloud link of DJ Premier below to learn more..

In 2006 the two jumped into the world of technology and opened the first of it's kind "Digital DJ Pool" for party breaks, mashups, bootleg mixes, and remix versions of must-play tracks for DJ's during live performances. They called it "The Crooklyn Clan Vault" and that's exactly where you are right now!

The Crooklyn Clan Vault is for working DJ's. Signing up for the Vault is free and you must have an account to browse our library of valuable, one of a kind tools for DJ's.  Music makes the DJ, and tools make the job of the DJ easier. Hit the link below, sign up free, and check the Vault each and every day if you can so you never miss out on a powerful edit that could change the course of your entire event.

The Vault is broken into different stores/sections. Each store/section has it's own music, editors, and most importantly - it's own currency. When purchasing a monthly recurring membership or credit package, be sure you are purchasing for the correct store/section of choice.

Currently, the available store/sections are:

• i12inch DIGITAL POOL

After you sign up and confirm your email address you will have access to the web application and all of the available store/sections for browsing and purchasing of credits, recurring memberships, and track purchases. More stores/sections may become available at any time so again, make sure you are purchasing your credits or recurring memberships for the correct store prior to checking out.

The best way to learn how it all works is to sign up free! Use that button you see below and try it yourself!!