Starjack - Mega Mashups Vol. 2

Woof the fire in these!! Love this series listen to the snippets and see for yourself! Tons of energy, unique mashup bangers!
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Track List

We Want Calabria (Starjack Tribal Mashup) Dirty
Get Ready For This (Starjack Next Level House Mashup) Clean
Highway To Hell (Starjack Electro House Mashup) Clean
Break Free Better Off Alone (Starjack Slap House Smashup) Clean
9PM Danza Kuduro (Starjack Festival Mashup) Clean
9PM Bounce (Starjack Future House Mashup) Clean
Poison (Starjack Electro Bounce Smashup) Clean
Sun Is Shining Samirs Theme (Starjack Bass House Mashup) Clean
Sun Is Shining Ruby (Starjack Festival Mashup) Clean
Gonna Make You Sweat (Starjack House Take Control Mashup) Clean
Yeah 3x Heads Will Bump N Roll (Starjack Double Trouble Bigroom Mashup) Clean
Pop That Sandstorm (Starjack House Mashup) Clean
This Is Smoke In The Water (Starjack Festival Mashup) Dirty
Cake By The Ocean Flight (Starjack Festival Mashup) Dirty
Hot Danza Kuduro (Starjack Dirty Dutch Festival Mashup) Clean
Beautiful Epic Insomnia (Starjack Festival Mashup) Clean
Pepas Reload Our World (Starjack EDM Party Booster) Clean
You Little Otherside Beauty Ride On Time (Starjack House Mashup Refix) Clean
Ready Or Not Cream (Starjack Mashup Party Starter) Clean
Bomb A Drop Hard (Starjack Festival Smashup V1) Clean
Niggas In Matron (Starjack Festival Mashup) Dirty
Head & Heart vs Show Me Love (Starjack House Mashup) Clean
Milkshake Candy Shop (Starjack Club House Mashup) Clean
Numb Encore (Starjack Festival Mashup) Dirty
Party Freak Anthem (Starjack Tribal Festival Mashup) Clean
Party Rock Falcon (Starjack Psy Festival Mashup) Dirty
Cant Hold We Will Rock Great Epic Spirit (Starjack Psy Festival Mashup) Dirty
Bumaye vs Drop It (Starjack Big Horn Daddy Yankee Mashup) Clean
Bumaye vs Drop It (Starjack Big Horn Mashup) Clean
Lets Get Fucked Up (Starjack Bigroom Mashup Edit) Dirty
I Like 2 Follow Intoxicated (Starjack Big Horn Mashup) Clean
Work Drill (Starjack House Mixshow Mashup) Clean
Black Or White Ring Helicopter (Starjack Electro House Mashup) Clean
Let's Go (Starjack Electro House Smashup) Clean
Shake (Starjack Big Horn House Mashup) Clean
Culo (Starjack Zoom Zoom Bigroom Mashup) Clean
Losing The Astronomia Party (Starjack House Mashup) Clean
This Is What You Came For (Starjack Pursuit Of Happiness Smashup) Clean
Bad Children Hands In The Ayer (Starjack Big Horn House Mashup) Clean
How Deep Is Epic (Starjack Tribal Festival Mashup) Clean
Love Is Epic (Starjack Tribal Mashup) Clean
Buzzin Pop That (Starjack Bounce Mashup) Dirty
Waka Waka vs Bump N Roll (Starjack Festival Mashup) Clean
Sweet Dreams Love Tonight (Starjack Surprise Future House Smashup) Clean
Booyah Clap Your Hands Right Now (Starjack Double Festival Mashup Banger) Clean
Tell Me Why Runaway (Starjack Big Horn Mashup) Clean
Wannabe Up & Down (Starjack Bigroom Party Mashup) Clean
Smells Like We Wanna Party Girl (Starjack Double Bounce Mashup Banger) Dirty
Pump Up The Jam (Starjack Snap House Mashup Edit) Clean
Dont You Want What Is Love (Starjack Festival Smashup) Clean
Be Monkey Zoom Zoom (Starjack Festival Mashup) Clean
Who Phenomena (Starjack Future House Mashup) Clean
Scream (Starjack Electro House Mashup) Clean
Higher Love vs Toast Hawaii (Starjack Festival Mashup) Clean