Starjack - Best Of Crooklyn Clan Vol. 8

Starjack, the #1 Editor All-Time for the Crooklyn Clan Vault! This series is dedicated to his biggest smashes!!
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Track List

P.I.M.P. (SJ 2k18 Moombahton Rework)[Dirty]
Wake Me Up 2k18 (SJ Melbourne Party Starter)[Clean]
Single Ladies (SJ 2017 Moombahton Rework)[Clean]
I Know What You Want (SJ 2k18 Deep House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
This Is Intoxicated America (SJ USA Intro Mashup)[Clean]
Genie In A Bottle (SJ Moombah Twerkleg)[Clean]
1, 2 Step 2k18 (SJ GHouse Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Butterfly (SJ 2k18 House Party Starter)[Clean]
Groove Is In The Heart (SJ House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Wild Thoughts (SJ Moombahton Edit)[Clean]
Taki Taki (SJ Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Taki Taki Replay (SJ Ultimate Party Mashup)[Clean]
New Rules vs Sua Cara (SJ - Bacardi Hype - Moombahton Edit)[Clean]
Don't Start Now (SJ Epic House Party Starter)[Clean]
More Than Friends (SJ Saxoton Mashup)[Clean]
Let Me Blow Ya Mind (SJ Moomba Rework)[Clean]
Right Round 2k18 (SJ Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Conga (SJ 2k18 Tribal Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Jump Around (SJ Mi Gente Moomba Blend)[Clean]
Jump Around (SJ Oldschool Party Break)[Clean]
Mi Gente (SJ Tribal House Starter V2)[Clean]
Where The Party At (SJ Moombahton Re-Drum)[Clean]
If I'm Lucky (SJ Moombahton Rework)[Clean]
Swalla (SJ Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
You Don't Know Me (SJ Big Room Edit)[Clean]
Bonnie & Clyde 2k19 (SJ Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Get Right 2k18 (SJ Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Lets Get Loud 2k18 (SJ House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Friends (SJ Just A Friend Party Starter)[Clean]
Never Leave You 2k18 (SJ Moombahton Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Hello (SJ Tribal Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Beat It 2k18 (SJ House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Man In The Mirror (SJ Deep House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Smooth Criminal 2K17 (SJ Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Hip Hop Hooray (SJ - Mo Money Mo Problems - Blend)[Clean]
Smells Like Teen Spirit (SJ 2k18 House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Got Your Money (SJ Milkshake House Mashup)[Clean]
Hoy Se Bebe (SJ Party Starter)[Clean]
Rockstar (SJ Rock Surprise Multi Blend 2 OG)[Dirty]
Wherever Whenever 2k18 (SJ Moombahton Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Donk Jiggle (SJ Hip Hop Mashup)[Clean]
Ride That Apache (SJ 2017 Big Horn Bootleg)[Dirty]
One 2k18 (SJ Oldschool Party Starter)[Clean]
One vs Who's In The House (SJ Big Room Mashup)[Clean]
Jackie Chan (SJ Future House Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
WHO Let The Dance Monkey Out (SJ 2020 Tribal Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
Sicko Mode (SJ Club Overhaul)[Clean]
Yeah 2k18 (SJ & Sizzahandz Moomba Mixshow Edit)[Clean]
The Middle (SJ Future House Reboot)[Clean]