We plan to launch the update in a couple of weeks. Here's some useful information about the new version..
Getting Started

The all new Crooklyn Clan Vault 4.0 has never been easier and more rewarding for DJ's. We have created this section to explain what's different and answer some of the most commonly asked questions. Please check out and use the topic selector  for information about the selected topic and scroll down for the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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You need a membership to browse the Vault, and it's free. Just click sign up and follow the prompts. Once you have a membership you will have access to the web application and can begin your journey with us.

What's Changed

EVERYTHING. The new Crooklyn Clan Vault is a completely new rebuild from the ground up and boasts an entirely new operating system and loads of new features.

Shopping Cart
No tokens and no subscriptions required! You just need to be a member and come to cherry-pick just what you want and make your purchases. No strings attached!
Our custom shopping cart will automatically apply savings to your cart the more you add to it! Check out how that works in the My Cart tab of this page..
Find you need us more often? From time to time subscriptions will be available that may be more suitable for your needs. Jump on them when you see them and lock in!
Top track lists for every single genre, tag, contributor, label, and more!! Oh, and they are sharable too, you can even embed them on your websites!!
Shop from anywhere using your mobile device and save everything in your Dropbox.
Zip DL
For our cherry picker clients. Zip and download by order number effortlessly!
Keyboard Nav
Up & Down Arrow keys to play through music lists, Left & Right to scroll a track, and Enter to add it to your cart!
Commonly Asked Questions
What are the audio and video specifications of the files?
Can I login with my old account?
What about my library and purchases from previous versions, will they carry over?
Are my purchased files in v.4 saved for later access like in previous versions?
My subscription was really good, will I be able to get a subscription as good with the new version?
Do subscription downloads stack?
As a subscriber how come I can't purchase Multipacks?
What happens if I buy a Multipack with tracks I already purchased included in the Multipack?
Are there any refunds?
What if I don't like something I bought?
Why do tracks disappear from my track cart?
Can I share my downloads with my friends?

Tracks (Audio or Video) are the foundation of the Crooklyn Clan Vault. Whether you purchase a Multipack or individual tracks, you eventually end up with just TRACKS.

If you purchased a multipack that has 50 tracks inside for $20 you still purchased 50 tracks, but obtained them by purchasing a Multipack.

Track Discounts

In order to provide our clients with a steady discount for those that need more, for every 20 individual tracks you have in your cart 5% of the total cost of those tracks will be deducted up to 50% off your entire individual track purchase. Here's a discount chart to help you make sense of it..

1 - 19 Tracks - 00% No Discount

20 - 39 Tracks - 05% Discount on all tracks in your cart

40 - 59 Tracks - 10% Discount on all tracks in your cart

60 - 79 Tracks - 15% Discount on all tracks in your cart

80 - 99 Tracks - 20% Discount on all tracks in your cart

100 - 119 Tracks - 25% Discount on all tracks in your cart

120 - 139 Tracks - 30% Discount on all tracks in your cart

140 - 159 Tracks - 35% Discount on all tracks in your cart

160 - 179 Tracks - 40% Discount on all tracks in your cart

180 - 199 Tracks - 45% Discount on all tracks in your cart

200 or more Tracks - 50% Discount on all tracks in your cart


Multipacks (also known as "Releases") are a bunch of tracks sold as a package by one contributor at a discounted rate vs. paying for the tracks one at a time. Generally, Multipacks will have a theme, ie; "Hip-Hop Throwback Quick Hits" or something along those lines offering a bunch of tracks that make sense being offered together as a package.

The discount for purchasing a multipack in comparison to purchasing all the tracks inside of the multipack individually is extreme, and clients will save the most money purchasing multipacks over individual tracks..

Multipack Discounts

Not only are the discounts already extreme with multipacks, but if you purchase multiple multipacks you will save substantially more.  

For every 5 individual multipacks you have in your cart 5% of the total cost of those multipacks will be deducted up to 25% off your entire individual multipacks purchases! Here's a discount chart to explain;

01 - 04 Multipacks - 00% No Discount

05 - 09 Multipacks - 05% Discount on all multipacks in your cart

10 - 14 Multipacks - 10% Discount on all multipacks in your cart

15 - 19 Multipacks - 15% Discount on all multipacks in your cart

20 - 24 Multipacks - 20% Discount on all multipacks in your cart

25 or more Multipacks - 25% Discount on all multipacks in your cart

My Library

After your purchases of Tracks and Multipacks are complete, the individual tracks from those purchases go into your "My Library" section for you to have access to download, save to your Dropbox, and also review what you have already purchased.

For non-subscription clients, you can download a .zip file of your entire order by order number as well as the individual audio and video files that are part of the order. For subscription-based clients the download .zip feature is not active.

While we suggest downloading your purchases as soon as you buy them we will store your purchases for you as long as they remain available in our system as a courtesy to you and your library will allow up to 5 downloads per track  without any expiration dates.
A download consists of either downloading a track to your computer individually, via zip inside of an order, or to your Dropbox account. If you should download a track 5 times and find you still need to download that track you will be prompted to contact us and we will do our very best to help you, but at our own discretion.

My Transactions

You can go to your Transactions section at any time to review your previous purchases, download a .CSV file for your records with the necessary information for your accountant to do your taxes.

My Cart

Your cart is broken down into 3 tabs;

Your individual tracks added to the cart are stored in the tracks section where a tally of how many tracks will be kept in real time. For every 20 tracks you have in the cart you will automatically be discounted 5% off the price of all the individual tracks. This discount will go up to 50% if you have 200 or more tracks in your cart.
Your multipacks that are added to the cart are stored in the multipack section and a tally of how many multipacks are in the cart will also be kept in real time. For every 5 multipacks in your cart, 5% of the price of all your multipacks will be discounted up to a maximum discount of 25% if you have 25 multipacks in your cart. Multipacks are already highly discounted tracks which is why the discounting for them will max out at 25%
This is where you check out. After all the discounts are applied for your tracks and multipacks everything goes to the Summary page for a final look!

*Users with a monthly-recurring subscription will not be using the cart unless they run out of downloads with their subscription and need additional downloads.


Subscriptions are for DJ's that are consistently working and need tools on a regular basis. Subscriptions may not always be available, and different subscription options may come and go so check back frequently to see if a subscription that fits your needs becomes available.

Subscriptions are subject to approval and Crooklyn Clan reserves the right to cancel or refuse a monthly recurring subscription to any or all users at our sole discretion.

Sign Up today. Membership is free and you must be a member of the Crooklyn Clan Vault to use the app and check out the available subscriptions.

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